Something happens inside of us when we are close to trees. It is as if they speak to our soul in some secret, knowing way.

Our Celtic ancestors knew this and created their alphabet from them, which they called the Ogham.

Our Tree Ogham sets are made up of the twenty trees of the Ogham alphabet. From birch through to yew, each has the unique Celtic symbol etched in. Use the Ogham for spiritual guidance in a similar way to tarot cards or runes. Ask a question and delve your hand into the bag to pull out a stave. Your choice of tree will give you a new perspective on a situation, past, present or future. Click below to discover more about our Celtic Ogham sets.

Choose between our Standard Ogham set that is just the twenty staves, or our Limited Edition Ogham set that also includes a hand-crafted bag and beautiful book by Glennie Kindred.

Our Limited Edition sets were awakened in a special ceremony held at the time Samhain, the Celtic festival marking summers end, and the transition into darkness when the cycle of nature begins once again.

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