Working with the Celtic Ogham Staves

So many people are drawn to the healing power of trees.

We notice the immediate shift in our energy as we walk through a woodland or sit under a tree and look out across the park. Something happens inside us when we are close to them, it’s as if they speak to our soul in some secret, knowing way.

So how can we work with the wisdom and healing properties of trees in a deeper and more intentional manner?

Firstly, remember that every tree has its own unique energy.

Take birch for example, the tree for new beginnings, the first to colonise new ground. It is the starter tree which helps a landscape regenerate, and from which prepares the ground for other trees which follow.

At the other end of the cycle, the yew is the tree of death and rebirth, and traditionally we would have buried our dead at its roots.

The yew holds the wisdom of the ancestors, which is why you will find ancient yew trees next to churches that are far older than the church itself.

Learning the Unique Energy of each Tree

How can we learn to understand the way each tree can help us on our journey?

How can we tap into this energy to bring healing into our lives?

We can go out into the woods and sit with each respective tree. Or we can bring a piece of the tree home with us and hold its energy close.

Our distant Celtic ancestors revered the trees to such extent that they created their alphabet around them.

There are twenty letters in total, for twenty trees with. Each tree has its own unique symbol.

We have collected small branches from each of these specific trees and created a set of Ogham staves.

Each stave has a unique Celtic symbol etched in so it can be easily identified.

The Benefits of Working with the Ogham

A fresh perspective

You can use the Ogham for divination, in a similar way to tarot cards or runes. Ask a question and delve your hand into the bag to pull out a stick. Your choice of tree will give you a new perspective on a situation, past, present or future.

Calling energies into your life as you move through change.

As we work on our inner healing, we often find ourselves needing to draw on external help. Friends, family, teachers, healers, spirit guides, crystals all become allies when we need them.

The Celtic symbols make it easy to match the stick to the tree.


The Benefits of Choosing our Ogham Set

  • We hold beauty and careful consideration at every stage of creating these Ogham Sets:
  • As we collect small branches from each tree, we explain our intention for the wood that we harvest.
  • The Celtic Ogham symbol is etched on each stave with pyrography. Not only does it look good, there isn’t any risk of the symbol rubbing off over time, which happens with ink or paint.
  • All of the wood has been sourced from trees that grow in locations which are really special to us. The majority have been sourced in the northwest of England, with the exception of apple that has been collected from the Kentish orchard where Nicola lived as a child.
  • Some have come from our homeland on the edge of the West Pennine Moors, Anglezarke, and other species from further afield where we run our retreats in the Lake District and the Forest of Bowland.

Our Ogham Stave Sets

Standard Ogham Set

  • 20 Ogham staves, one from each of the Celtic Ogham trees
  • A permanent, relevant Ogham symbol burnt onto each stick
  • Each Ogham stick is approximately 6 to 8 cm long
  • Includes Postage & Packaging to the UK

Limited Edition Ogham Set

as the Standard Set plus:

  • Awakened in a Samhain ceremony to invoke the tree spirit energies
  • A signed copy of Glennie Kindred's book 'The Tree Ogham'
  • A hand crafted GP&J Barker patchwork fabric bag, lined and finished with a finger knitted drawstring decorated with large patterned buttons

100% Money back guarantee

Our Ogham Sets come with a 7-day money back guarantee, to allow you time to hold the sticks in your hands and be sure that you have made the right decision in purchasing them.

This is because buying online has its challenges, as you can’t feel or touch our products, so this will give you the chance to do this and return them if you decide that the set is not for you.

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