Choose from our special collection and regular drums, or commission a bespoke drum.

All of our drums are one-offs, with unique patterning and a carefully chosen crystal set in the handle. Great care is taken to source our materials and we favour suppliers from the UK. We have three sizes of drum to choose from: 14-inch, 16-inch and 18-inch made from three types of hide: red deer, light reindeer and dark reindeer.

Our special collection drums are birthed at auspicious times when the solar and lunar energies are heightened. Each of these drums holds the unique energy of the time it was created, whether it be a full moon, new moon or one of the eight Celtic festivals.

Once you receive your drum you have seven days to trial it and if it isn’t quite perfect you can return it and receive a full refund. Click below to read more about our approach and receive guidance on how to go about choosing your drum.

Our Range of Special Drums

Our Range of Regular Drums

Our  Bespoke Commissioned Drums

We can craft your drum to order. Here's a range to choose from and includes Dark Reindeer, Light Deer and Red Deer, each of which are available in three different sizes (14", 16" and 18")

Dark Reindeer Drums

Light Reindeer Drums

Red Deer Drums

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