Sacred Art

We often enjoy a radical change in our awareness and mood when we spend time in contact with nature outdoors. Anxieties and concerns can drop away as swiftly as insights and healings infuse our being.

Yet due to the many pressures and pulls of modern day life we frequently may be unable to carve out the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the energies of nature. Instead we find ourselves surrounded by four walls devoid of nature’s stimuli and spirit.

Our home or workplace can be uninspirational or could actually drain our energy and make us feel lethargic, flat and uninterested in life. In the worst situations we could even become affected by from Sick Building Syndrome.

Contrast this with the joys of being in the forest, breathing in the clear air, letting the rustle of leaves and healing of bird songs wash through us. Or watching the mesmerising roll of waves on a sandy beach, lying under a huge sky with ever changing cloud patterns or lying in the warm grasses of an evening meadow surrounded by wild flowers and nurturing scents.

Could there be an effective way of bringing the life giving energies of nature into the inner space of your home, your workplace or your own sacred healing room?
Is it possible to truly feel at home with nature within your four walls?

In a study quoted by Mark Sisson in his book ‘The Primal Connection’ we learn that:

Artwork and high resolution photos that depict the spirit of nature provide nearly the same positive effect on our psyches as exposure to the real thing.

Could this really be true?

In a world where we are bombarded by imagery via social media can art really help heal us in this way?

I truly believe so.

Jason's Story

Way back when I was a little boy I was struck down with a severe stammer that robbed me of speech for many years. I could no longer talk with my family or regale my friends with tales of the wild places I visited in the local countryside.

So I began to take photographs and share them with visitors to my parents home.
But I didn’t just take photos. Even though I couldn’t speak to people I could talk very eloquently with nature and I would ask that nature give me her best, that she would help me capture her beauty so that I could share that love with others.
On leaving school my photos were seen by magazine and book publishers. My images of nature and our land began to reach out to millions of readers through their pages. I spent three decades giving nature a voice through my photography in this way.
I thought everyone communed with nature when taking photographs until a friend told me otherwise. I didn’t realise that my approach was quite unique.

This understanding encouraged me to deepen my connection through photography and I began to shoot with the very specific intention of portraying or channeling the energy or spirit of my subject.
I worked with the essences of wild flowers and the spirits of different landscapes and let my photos be used by healers in their therapy rooms to see if they made a difference.
The evidence was overwhelming.

When the photograph was taken with intention, using the twin shamanic tools of nature connection and journeying, something happened. The image held the spirit within its being and spoke subconsciously to those who immersed themselves into it.
So began my venture into sacred art which I bring to you now through The Way of The Buzzard.

Here I share with you the beginnings of a growing selection of images which can be used to enhance your connection to the spirit of nature and to expose yourself to her healing energies.

What will Sacred Art do for me?

Simply having these pieces of sacred art in your space will begin to suffuse you with the subtle qualities that are portrayed.

Whether you choose a mandala lovingly crafted in sacred space from hundreds of images of nature or a creatively conjured print of a landscape, animal or plant you will open the doors to allow the healing energies of the earth into your indoor space.

This will assist you in your journey of self healing or indeed the healing you bring to others in your world.

"I have this powerful image facing me in the therapy room and I find it holds me as I work with deep process."

Elizabeth Clarke

Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist

"Several years ago I went to an exhibition of Jason’s work. I was immediately moved by the depth of soul and connection to the natural world that I saw in his photographs.

I decided that I wanted one of his images in my psychotherapy practice room and I chose a photograph taken at night of a dark wood. I have this powerful image facing me in the therapy room and I find it holds me as I work with deep process. It often puts me in mind of the famous Dante quote, ‘I awoke to find myself in a dark wood.

Jason’s work is an inspiration and a joy to behold reminding me that that we are all connected on this beautiful planet."

Choose your sacred art

See which piece of Sacred Art speaks to you by clicking the button below to browse our full collection. We have mandalas as well as nature and landscape prints currently available.

Now you might be thinking is this the right picture for me? How can I be sure?
When it comes to Sacred Art, it is a case of moving out of your head and trusting your gut when you see something that you like. If you put your questioning mind to one side, and see if it feels right you are tuning into something far greater than the mind. You are being guided intuitively to choose something that has the potential to impact on your life in ways you cannot comprehend right now.
It is easy to put a decision off like this but procrastinating can have a heavy price attached to it. You can risk missing the moment, and delaying bringing the right image into your home or workspace when you need it most of all.
Our Sacred Art brings the beauty of nature into your space.

But it is more than just a picture. Each image holds and channels the energy of the subject and will transform your room with the feelings and sensual connections that nature brings.
True, you may already have some beautiful pictures in your home or workspace, but you have been drawn to our page for some reason. If there is an image or several images that really speak to you, there is likely to be a deep reason for this which goes beyond conscious thought. Remember, these images were created with the intention of healing and nature connection so they are far more than pretty pictures. Although they are that too!
You might also feel you can’t justify the expense right now.

Yes it is a small investment now, but remember you will have this Sacred Art forever.

You will benefit from the energy portrayed right away, and for the rest of your life.

"Jason's images are haunting and mesmerising and add a very special energy to my home."

Niccola Smith

Usui & Karuna Reiki Master

"I am fortunate to have quite a few of Jason's beautiful images on my walls. They help me to feel the constant connection to nature and to some of my favourite sacred places.

They are haunting and mesmerising and add a very special energy to my home. I'm drawn to them all in different ways.

Each one speaks to me and has its own very special meaning to me.

Thank you Jason for your beautiful sacred art."

Introducing The Way of The Buzzard Sacred Art

Our sacred images capture the spirit of nature to create a peaceful, healing and inspirational space.
They bring beauty into a space, but they go way beyond simple aesthetics. Our Sacred Art portrays the spirit of nature. Each unique piece is an energy channel for that particular subject, and brings healing of whatever qualities of nature is depicted within the image.

Benefits of owning our sacred art:

  • Bring the ​spirit of nature into your home, so that you can create a loving and peaceful space to relax in away from the bustle of everyday life
  • Use nature to create a healing space, so the service you provide to others can be shared in the best possible healing environment
  • Draw on the energy of the image in your healing work on others, to provide a deeper healing experience for your clients
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    Meditate with the image for a clear mind, to find the stillness and clarity you are seeking

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    Create an area for inspiration and creativity, to help your imagination feed your soul

What's Special about our Sacred Art

  • Crafted by Jason: Drawing on his deep Shamanic connection with nature and ability to sense and capture the Spirit of the place
  • Created with intention: Each piece of work is more than just a picture.  It has been created with the specific intention of holding the energy of the subject, and serves as a channel for that particular energy to come through to you.
  • Of high quality: Our images are of the highest quality so they have real clarity and depth.
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    Highly detailed: They are highly detailed to better portray the Spirit of the subject
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    Of this land: The subjects are of landscapes, flora and fauna of this land, so they are authentic and relevant to your healing.
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    Printed on gallery quality papers using archival museum inks to ensure they retain their life and vibrancy for a lifetime of sacred connection.

Click the button to view the images currently available in our Sacred Art Collection