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Smudge Fan: Collared Dove


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This smudge fan is made from a collared dove wing, is set in cowhide handle and finished with a line of rabbit fur. The rabbit fur is from wild English rabbits which are managed as part of a wildlife conservation program.

Our guarantee

All of our smudge fans come with a “7-day trial period”, to allow you time to hold it in your hands, ensuring that you are right for each other. If you decide that you aren’t, you have time to return your smudge fan and choose another from our collection.

Postage & Packaging

This fan comes with free postage & packaging to anywhere in the UK

The making of our fans

We only ever source our feathers and wings ethically, from birds which have died in their natural environment, and never from birds which have been shot.

Our feathers and wings come from birds which have been killed by cars and are lying on the side of the road as we drive past, or from loose feathers and parts of wings we find when we are out and about walking the moors, woodlands or coastline.

The leather we use is from red deer in Scotland or cowhide, and the rabbit fur is from rabbits which are culled as part of a wildlife management project in England.


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