Commissioned Red Deer Shamanic Drum – “Mystery” Drum with Moonstone Crystal


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Commission a drum to be birthed especially for you from Scottish red deer hide, using the finest ethically sourced materials. Choose between a 14″, 16″ and 18″ diameter drums. This drum embodies the energy of Mystery and comes with a blue tension ring and a Moonstone crystal embedded in the handle.


You can commission a Red Deer drum to be made especially for you. This drum has a blue coloured ring and a Moonstone crystal set in the handle, which brings with it the energy of mystery. Your drum will come with a beater.

The energy of Moonstone

As ancient as the moon herself, Moonstone holds the power of mystery, and gives us a touchable connection to the magic of the moon. This stone holds the energy of intuition and balance, and since ancient times has been an amulet of protection for travellers, a channel for prophecy and a path to understanding. Our ties to the moon are strong as it governs the tides and rhythms of the Earth with its waxing and waning, and with this influences our emotions, behaviours and spiritual growth. Moonstone calms and relieves stress while releasing love of all kinds.

The energy of Red Deer

When we encounter the Red Deer in the wild, our breath catches and we are transfixed by their graceful features and delicate movements. We can draw on their energy to give us the power to deal with challenges with grace. As Red Deer holds a real gentleness, we can be sensitive and intuitive was we walk our path. We can also hold onto vigilance and also adaptability, with the ability to change direction quickly should we need to. Just as the deer has an uncanny sense of where to find the green freshness earth provides, we can ask the deer within ourselves to seek out our inner treasures.

Timescales from the point of your order

It takes around eight days for us to make a drum and arrange for it to posted to you. This is because depending on the weather, the drum needs a week to dry once we have birthed it, and we don’t rush the drying process as it makes sure you get the best possible quality drum.

Guidance for choosing your drum

The 14″ drums are the most portable and tend to have a higher pitch than the larger ones. Our 16″ is often seen as a great compromise between transportability and depth of voice. The larger 18″ drum is a little heavier but usually has a deeper voice. However each drum is very much an individual and can vary from what is expected.

All of our drums come with a 7-day money back guarantee, to allow you time to hold your drum in your hands and hear it’s voice, ensuring that you are right for each other.

Your drum beater

Your drum beater is included within the price of the commissioned drum.

About the making of this drum

We make our drums from our home on the edge of the West Pennine Moors in the northwest of England. We create the drums in sacred space each drum is birthed through ceremony, over mugwort incense.

We also take great care in the sourcing of our materials. The Red Deer hide used to make this drum is from Scotland and the timber for the Ash hoop is sourced from UK ash and is crafted by a local carpenter in Wigan. The wood has a layer of bees wax to bring out it’s natural grain. The wax is from bees which have been rescued.


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14" diameter, 16" diameter, 18" diameter

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