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  • Commissioned ‘Confidence’ Shamanic Drum: Reindeer & Malachite

Commissioned ‘Confidence’ Shamanic Drum: Reindeer & Malachite


You can commission a Reindeer drum to be made especially for you. This drum has an emerald green coloured ring and a Malachite crystal set in the handle, which brings with it the energy of confidence. Please be aware that every drum is unique and the patterning of both the reindeer hide and the crystal will differ slightly from the photographs.

Malachite instils confidence and self-responsibility to ‘step up to the plate’, helping us take action in the world and follow the course of actions to realise our dreams. As we walk our path, Malachite can help us overcome difficulties along the way and support a person in being able to see what their challenging patterns are to avoid them. It also helps with our willpower and is an important protection stone.


14" diameter, 16" diameter, 18" diameter


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