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New Moon Rattle: Horse, Crow and Moonstone


This is a shamanic rattle made from horse rawhide and hazel wood. It was made at the time of the New Moon in May 2021. We have placed moonstone crystal chips inside and finished off the handle with a crow feather

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This is a shamanic rattle made from horse rawhide and hazel wood. It was made at the time of the New Moon in May 2021. We have placed moonstone crystal chips inside and finished off the handle with a crow feather


The energy of Horse

This incredible animal transformed the World once its speed and power were harnessed. The horse was the first thing that allowed humans to travel faster than their two legs, and this unsung hero of mankind has had an impact on the World everywhere it has gone and on every aspect of life. History tells us that civilization was made by men, but it was the energy of the horse that built it. Drawing on the energy of Horse will give you inner strength and will be a driving force for you in your life. We can use Horse energy to overcome obstacles in life and pursue our goals no matter what may stand in our way. An enabler, Horse will help you thrive in finding the motivation that you need and the passion to see things through. The energy of Horse is about personal drive, passion and an appetite for freedom.

The energy of Crow

Crow is a messenger from the Otherworld, and associated with the mysteries and magic of this World. Crow energy will provide you with insights into that which would be otherwise unseeable and so support you in your transformation. You can work with Crow energy to help you see a situation with a new level of intellect. Just as the crow is able to problem solve through thinking multiple steps ahead, you are able to apply the same skills to your life. If you are caught up in something which you can’t seem to be able to resolve with your conscious level of thinking, Crow can help you see the steps ahead to work your way through it.

The energy of Moonstone

As ancient as the moon herself, Moonstone holds the power of mystery, and gives us a touchable connection to the magic of the moon. This stone holds the energy of intuition and balance, and since ancient times has been an amulet of protection for travellers, a channel for prophecy and a path to understanding. Our ties to the moon are strong as it governs the tides and rhythms of the Earth with its waxing and waning, and with this influences our emotions, behaviours and spiritual growth. Moonstone calms and relieves stress while releasing love of all kinds.

About the making of this rattle

We make our rattles from our home on the edge of the West Pennine Moors in the northwest of England. We take great care in the sourcing of our materials. The Red Deer hide used to make our rattles is from Scotland from deer that are culled as part of the wildlife management programme. Our horse hide is sourced from horses that have been put down by euthanasia. The hazel wood we source ourselves from a woodland in Lancashire. The handle has a layer of beeswax to bring out its natural grain and the wax is from bees which have been rescued. The feathers are from birds we pick up on the side of roads that have died through the collision with vehicles. Our rabbit fur comes from the southwest of England from rabbits that have been culled through a wildlife conservation programme.

Our guarantee

All of our rattles come with a “7-day trial period”, to allow you time to hold it in your hands, ensuring that you are right for each other.

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