Working with the Celtic Ogham Staves

Cleansing Space with Intention

Creating sacred space is an art and we all have our own way of doing it.

Cleansing the air through smudging is one way. It makes such a difference to the feel of the space when you walk into a room which has been smudged doesn’t it?

When we preparing for journey or ritual work, and are cleansing our aura or energy, that smell of sage or mugwort wafting around the body seems to shift something in us, we can feel something in us move and drop to a deeper place.

So you have your smudge stick, but what are you using to move the smoke around the room, or around your body?

What would it be like to have a fan which you have a personal connection with, to make the smudging act even more intentional for you?

We create smudge fans out of feathers and wings from British birds with the utmost care.

All our materials are ethically sourced, and you can choose a fan which is made from a bird which you have a particular resonance with.

Maybe an Animal Spirit Guide or your Power Animal, or a bird that you just love the look of and have a connection with in another way.

Why Choose our Smudge Wings

We craft our smudge wings with care and consideration during every step of their creation.

Ethically sourced materials

: The feathers and wings we use are sourced from birds that we find on the side of roads or during our walks. We take the birds home to work with, and then afterwards we place them out in the fields so that they can become food for other animals.

The rabbit fur is from wild rabbits in the UK that are culled as part of a wildlife management programme in the southwest of England. It is very important to us that we source this kind of fur as we don't want to support the fur industry.

Where we use wood in our fans, we source this from trees where we ask the trees permission before we harvest the branches.


: When you get up close to birds you notice how remarkable their feathering is, and so we do our very best to do this justice and make the fans as beautiful as they can be.

We take time to match different feathers together, and include details in our fans so that they are striking to hold.


: We explain all the materials that we use in each fan, so you know exactly which bird and animal energies it holds.


 We make our fans so that they are comfortable to hold and can be wafted around a lot! They are made to be practical, and to take a lot of use!

The Benefits of Owning Your Own Smudge Fan

You can more effectively move smudge smoke or incense around the room to aid with the cleansing process.

You own a ceremonial object which you can use in ceremony and ritual.

You can more easily bring in the energy of a bird spirit guide which you work with as its energy is held within the fan.

The fan holds the highest intention as all the materials have been sourced ethically.

100% Money back guarantee

Our Smudge Fans come with a 7-day money back guarantee, so that once you are holding the fan in your hands, if you feel you have made the wrong decision then you can return it to us.

This is because buying online has its challenges. You can’t feel or touch our products. This will give you the chance to do this and return them if you decide that the fan is not for you.

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