Working with the Celtic Ogham Staves

Choosing the Right Shamanic Rattle

Rattles have many uses in sacred work such as:

Clearing stuck energy: a rattle can be used to clear energy from a person’s aura or to remove stuck energy that is residing inside.

Space cleansing: the sound of a rattle can cut through stuck energy within a room, energetically cleansing the space.

Journeying: one of the ways of achieving a shift consciousness is to listen to a repetitive sound, such as a drum beat or the continuous shaking of a rattle.

Relaxation: the sound of a rattle can be used to induce a calm feeling, helping shift us from the everyday state of mind to a more relaxed and intentional one.

Here at Anglezarke Hallows we create two kinds of Rattle:

Red Deer Rattles

Our red deer rattles are normally a light to medium shade of brown, although some can be darker.

When we encounter the Red Deer in the wild, our breath catches, and we are transfixed by their graceful features and delicate movements.

We can draw on their energy to give us the power to deal with challenges with grace. As Red Deer holds a real gentleness, we can be sensitive and intuitive was we walk our path.

We can also hold onto vigilance and also adaptability, with the ability to change direction quickly should we need to.

Just as the deer has an uncanny sense of where to find the green freshness earth provides, we can ask the deer within ourselves to seek out our inner treasures.

Horse Rattles

Our horse rattles are usually a deep brown colour.

This incredible animal transformed the World once its speed and power were harnessed. The horse was the first thing that allowed humans to travel faster than their two legs, and this  hero of mankind has had an impact on the World everywhere and on every aspect of life.

History tells us that civilisation was made by men, but it was the energy of the horse that built it. We can use Horse energy to overcome obstacles in life and pursue our goals no matter what stands in our way.

An enabler, Horse will help you find the motivation that you need and the passion to see things through. The energy of Horse is about personal drive, passion and an appetite for freedom.

We use crystal chips in each of our rattles to help amplify their energy. The handles are made from hazelwood which is strong and has a beautiful bark.

We enhance the natural patterns of this bark by applying a layer of bees wax, sourced from bees in Lancashire that have been rescued.

Why Choose our Rattles

We have been using rattles in our work for almost a decade and understand the features that make a good rattle. We source our materials ethically.

The hazelwood is cut from traditional coppiced woodlands in Lancashire.

Our hides come from red deer that are either culled as part of the wildlife management programme or horses that are put down by euthanasia when they come to the end of their life.

We only use feathers from birds which have died naturally, never from birds that have been shot.

Comfort: Our rattles are perfectly proportioned and feel balanced in the hand. On many of our rattles we fit a suede handle to help with grip.

Durability: Built to last, each rattle head is firmly secured to its handle with a strong glue and multiple wraps of bind.

Beauty: We add special finishing touches to each of our rattles, including stylish stitching and decorative feathers that move as the rattle is shaken.

100% Money back guarantee

Our Shamanic Rattles come with a 7-day money back guarantee, so that once you are holding the rattle in your hands, if you feel you have made the wrong decision then you can return it to us.

This is because buying online has its challenges. You can’t feel or touch our products. This will give you the chance to do this and return them if you decide that the fan is not for you.

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