Lockdown Lunacy

A comical memoir of the time when the world slowed down and things went a little bit crazy

Something for all to enjoy

Lockdown Lunacy is an anthology of animal antic cartoons reminding us of the period when the Covid-19 pandemic unfolded. Overnight people became hairdressers, teachers, bakers and dentists. Face coverings and toilet roll hoarding were in vogue and birds began to nest in our hair.

This book is something all generations can enjoy, where the whole family can look back together at that time when we were all told to stay at home.

A Peek Inside

There are twenty-five cartoons accompanied by a limerick. Each cartoon portrays something that happened during the lockdown period during spring 2020.

Such as, at the outset of the pandemic there was a frenzy over toilet roll. This inspired one of the first drawings ‘The Mole with the Incredibly Large Collection of Toilet Roll’.

The Mole with the Incredibly Large Collection of Toilet Roll

There was very intriguing mole,
Who loved his collection of toilet roll.
He built a big pile,
Which took quite a while,
Showing no sign of self-control.

This year we have clapped outside our front door and developed a love for baking and crafting.

There has been home working and home educating. Our hair went crazy, our gardens have never looked so good and all those DIY jobs got finally finished off.

We have had to have a stab at fixing our own fillings and cutting our own hair.

All of these developments have been captured in these cartoons, as well as many more.

Other comical characters brought to you through this book include:

Lamb in Lockdown

Weasels Working from Home

Creative Crocodiles

Elephants doing an Unlimited Amount of Exercise

Cow Covering Up

Home Schooling

And... Mr Mole appears again reliving Dominic Cummings Barnard Castle excursion!

Risky Road Trip

Moley told everyone to stay inside,
Whilst he went off on a jolly joyride.
An eye test was needed
Or so he conceded,
‘Cause he said he was a bit boss-eyed.  

Lockdown Lunacy has been created by Nicola Smalley.

"Lockdown helped many people realise hidden talents that lay waiting to emerge. This book is an example of one of these. 

I have always been creative, but I didn’t realise I could draw. When the announcement was made that we all had to stay at home I decided one of the ways I could keep in touch with my mum and dad was to draw them pictures.

The only thing I seemed to be able to draw is cartoons. I quickly realised that my drawings cheered us all up and so I started to post them up on my facebook page. Seeing my friends enjoy them also spurred me on and I accumulated quite a collection. Lots of characters emerged from monkeys to meerkats, squirrels to sloths. It was suggested I turn them into a book. "

This wasn’t actually the book I intended on publishing this year. I have been writing another, very different book about ancestral healing but it isn’t ready yet. This book of cartoons is yet another surprising outcome of 2020.

This is my first self-published book, but I haven’t created it alone. So, here are my words of thanks:

  • Thank you to my husband Jason for skillfully turning my collection of drawings and poems into this book.
  • Thank you to my mum and dad, and my stepdaughter Tanya for helping me come up with some of the ideas for the drawings.
  • Thank you to Jason, my mum and dad, and Sally-Shakti for helping me polish the limericks.
  • Thank you to all my friends for encouraging me to draw more pictures, write the poems and produce the book.

2020 is perhaps a year that many people would rather forget. Our lives have been turned upside down and the world will never be the same again. However, I have seen some fascinating things emerge from the shake-up. This book is one of those things!

Thank you for considering buying a copy to keep for yourself.’

Purchasing options

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Price: £12 + p&p

Product Details:

Hardback cover
Full Colour
24cm x 16cm
25 cartoons and limericks
55 pages