Guidance on choosing which type of drum to make

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Choosing your drum

Choosing the size

There are two sizes you can choose from to make on our drum birthing days, a 14 inch and a 16 inch.

14 inch drums are great for working outside as they are easier to carry and fit inside a rucksack. They have a higher tone compared with the bigger drums. The larger the drum, the deeper the tone.

The 16 inch drum is a popular size for using both indoors, as well as outdoors if you are not planning on walking too far with it.

Guidance on how to choose which hide

Much of this is about which kind of animal and animal energy you are drawn to, but the colour and texture will also be a consideration for you.

The reindeer hides are the lightest both in colour and also in feel, when compared with the Deer and Horse hides.

We have two suppliers for our Deer hide who use slightly different methods of processing the hide. So you can choose from a smooth finish or a rustic organic looking finish. If you have a preference for light or dark please ask us – it does depend on what we have in stock but if you have a preference we can try our best.

The horse skins are our thickest skins. Again they come in a range of shades of brown and it does depend on what we have in stock. Usually they are the darkest of our hides.

Here are some photos of the different hides:

Our Horse hides are our darkest hides, and range from medium to dark brown. They have subtle patterns in them which vary from hide to hide.

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Our reindeer hides come from the Sami tribe in Siberia. The hide has a fine delicacy about it, and is smooth and light, with faint patterns.
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These hides from a Red Deer herd in the Lake District have a rough feel to them and are rich in patterns and texture.
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These hides from Scotland are smoother and range from light to medium brown, and have slight patterns on them which range from hide to hide.