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drums | Anglezarke Drums and other Sacred Tools

​Birthing Beautiful Drums

The Secret to Finding Your Perfect Drum

​When people start to look online for their shamanic drum they are faced with a dilemma.

It’s such an important decision and yet it’s not possible to physically hold the drum in their hands. They have no idea what its voice sounds like, and there are other choices that add to their predicament.

There seem to be so many options out there - what size to choose and which type of hide. They ask themselves “how do I know if it’s been well made and is of a high quality?

I want a drum which is going to help me on my spiritual path that I feel really connected to which will last me for a very long time, but how do I find it? … and how do I know what questions to ask to help me decide?

It’s a big investment, and what if when it arrives I just don’t connect with it, and realise that I have bought the wrong one?”

Choose your drum here

To explore the special collection and regular drums that we currently have in stock please click the button below which will take you to our drum catalogue

​It Doesn't Have to be Difficult!

Imagine if help was on hand and you could get advice

  • ​​What size to choose​?
  • ​Which type of hid​e?
  • Where do the materials ​come from?
  • ​Can I trial my drum​​?
  • If it ​isn't quite perfect​ for me can I return it and receive a full refund?

What if we told you that we have created a solution for this exact predicament?

​Our Story

One of our passions is to bring new drums into the world.

What struck us when we began making them is how hard it must be to find a drum online with so many to choose from, and yet not being able to hold it in your hand and play it.

When we both started looking for our first drums, it both took us a long time to find drums we resonated with.

Also, as we both walk the shamanic path, and have wor​ked in the environment/ nature services field for many years, we believe it’s really important that the energy that goes into making the drum is of the best intention.

It’s for this reason that we are really careful about how the materials are sourced, to have the gentlest impact on the Earth.

We have called our drum shop ‘Anglezarke Drums’ after the landscape where we live, on the edge of the West Pennine Moors.

This beautiful place has claimed us, and it is where we draw our inspiration from, so it seemed most fitting for the name of our sacred tool workplace.

​Our Difference

​There are many drums out there to choose from online, but how do you know which is the right one for you when you can’t hold it, feel it in your hands or hear its voice?

We provide as much information as we possibly can to help you connect with each drum and sense which is right for you.

After all, your drum is an extension of you and so it needs to be the perfect fit.

That is why we provide high quality close up photographs and  a description of each drums unique energy including the crystal it holds in it's centre​. 

​​We also ​assure you that the ​materials that are ethically sourced, and from local ​craftsfolk wherever possible.

We have also created a 'Buying Your Drum' guidance video which talks you though all the options available and can be found near the bottom of this page.

For our Special Collection range we explain how we draw on the transformational energies of the sun and the moon and share the story of it's creation on these special days of the year, to add an extra boost of power to your drum.

Choose your drum here

To explore the special collection and regular drums that we currently have in stock please click the button below which will take you to our drum catalogue

​Why People Buy From Us:

  • ​The quality and workmanship that has gone into this drum are stunning!
  • ​Words really cannot describe the feeling that one gets when picking up this drum; truly amazing
  • ​I adore the sound and I picked the perfect size for me. It is beautiful and when I played it, it felt instinct​ive.
  • ​It has a powerful identity, a true wonderful essence. Beyond it's personality, the craftsmanship is top notch
  • ​    With proper care, I can see myself owning and playing this drum for the remainder of my life: one of the best financial investments I have ever made.
  • ​It is very easy to hold, thanks to the extra furry padding the makers added to the webbing in the back of the drum
  • ​The sound is STRONG and resonant, it beats beautifully.
  • ​It’s wonderfully reassuring to know the animals are truly honoured in the making of such crafts
  • ​This drum is absolutely wonderful, beautiful, and filled with the vibration and spirit that it was created in. Its sound is lovely, haunting and powerful.
  • ​I absolutely love the magnificent vibration that comes from the crystal handle! A truly beautiful and brilliant addition!
  • ​The quality and beauty of your drums really helped me make the choice. Exquisite design along with excellent craftsmanship made it easy.

The Responsibility of Birthing a Sacred Drum

It’s really important to us that you find the drum which you are most suited to and have a deep connection with and that you have lots of information to help you make your decision. We also like to give you some time to test the drum out when it arrives in your hands.

At The Way of The Buzzard we create sacred tools with you in mind,

and here is how we work:

Ethically sourced materials:

This is a sacred tool, and the energy that goes into the natural materials is important as it will come through in the energy of the drum.

This is why we source the wood from sustainable woodlands. Unlike most other drum-makers in the UK we use British hoops, in fact at the moment our hoops are crafted by a local carpenter from an ash tree.

We choose hides which are a by-product of animal management, either from selective culling, veterinary euthanasia or from a sustainably husbanded Sami herd from Scandinavia.

The crystals are sourced from mines where there's no child labour, our supplier personally visits the mines to ensure ethical standards are met.

The iron tension rings are forged by a blacksmith in a nearby town using a high percentage of recycled metals.

We use bees wax from rescued bee swarms in our home county too!

Ensuring the Drum is a pleasure to use:

We incorporate a comfy handle as we know how drums can become uncomfortable in your hand if you play them for a long time.

Our Limited Edition range of drums are birthed on the Full Moon or one of the eight festivals of the year, such as the Solstices and the Equinoxes, to make your drum extra special.

We explain the energy of each crystal so you can find a drum that holds the energy which resonates with you.

Each crystal is cleansed in the moorland stream running from Anglezarke Moor, close to our home in the northwest of England, before we dry and fix it into place.

We have a range of hides so you can choose the animal which you most resonate with.

We are sure that you will have your own way to call in the Spirit of the Drum. During the birthing process we begin this by holding an awakening ceremony and smudging the drum over incense specially created for this purpose.

Help is on hand

Choosing a drum online is hard.

Naturally you want to hold it, to see how it feels in your hands. Hear it, to listen to the sound of its voice.

There are lots of considerations to think about which you might not even be aware of.

  • what size am I best suited to?
  • what is the difference between the types of hide?
  • how long will it last me?
  • how shall I best care for it?
  • will it look like the picture?

We understand how important a decision this is, after all this is a sacred tool which will grow with you as your walk your spiritual path.

So, we have done our best to give you all the support we can think of to help you make your decision.

Additionally, your drum comes with an information sheet explaining how best to take care of it.

Watch our 'Buying a Drum' video guide below to be walked through the options available to you.

Melissa Tully

Drum Buyer

"My deciding factor was intuitive.

It was the right drum at the right time-and still is! I also loved, loved, loved how much care and attention my drum received at it's original home. That made all the difference.

It felt personal and cosy to have a drum from you"

You and your drum

Use your drum as a vehicle to journey to the other realms, and to connect with your spirit guides and helpers.

Your drum is your sacred tool providing an extension to you for all your healing work, whether it be self-healing, healing others or helping heal the Earth.

Share drumming sessions with like-minded people in community.

Calm yourself. It's been scientifically proven that people who drum see a drop in their stress and anxiety.

Reduce your blood pressure.

Increase brain white matter and cognitive function.

Reduce pain.

Increase immunity.

Help socio-emotional disorders.

Our offer to you...

Our Regular Drums

From £210

  • Made from natural, ethically sourced materials
  • Amplified energy from the handle embedded crystal
  • Comfortable handle design
  • Drum made in ceremonial space
  • Awakened with special incense
  • Includes a Beater

Our Special Drums

From £250

  • Made from natural, ethically sourced materials
  • Amplified energy from the handle embedded crystal
  • Comfortable handle design
  • Drum made in ceremonial space
  • Awakened with special incense
  • Birthed at a special time of lunar or solar energy
  • Includes a Beater


All of our drums come with a 7-day money back guarantee, to allow you time to hold your drum in your hands and hear it’s voice, so you can be sure that you are right for each other.