Drum Birthing

 Newly birthed drum

Photo of a newly made drum by one of the participants at one of our drum birthing days


Are you drawn to making your own drum?

People are coming to the drum from all walks of life. There is something really special about crafting your own sacred tool, putting your creative energy into something which you will work with on your spiritual journey for years to come.

Join us at one of our drum birthing days and we will work with you to help you create your own drum. On this page you will find information about our drum birthing days which we run around the northwest, guidance on how to choose the type of drum you would like to make, what to expect from the day, current workshop dates and booking details.


Autumn/ Winter 2016 dates
Monday 19th December (Chorley – The Hub) – FULL

Spring 2017 dates
To be announced shortly


Drum birthing day overview
We run drum making workshops in a number of locations around the northwest. The majority of them are held in a gorgeous barn behind our local pub in Anglezarke, near Chorley in Lancashire. We also hold workshops in other locations around the northwest, so be sure to check the venue location before you book if you have a particular preference to the location.

The price ranges from £190 and depends on what size drum you would like to make and the type of hide. A £100 deposit will secure your place with the remaining balance due six weeks before the day. If you book six weeks or less before the day then the remaining balance is due straight away after paying your deposit.

This price includes your lunch, all materials and tuition to make a drum and beater, and the workshop runs from 9am to 6.30pm.

You will spend the day birthing a new drum, which will have its own spirit, its own life, and together you will grow over the coming years.

We will carry out this special work in sacred space. You will start the morning with a shamanic journey, and then work on crafting your sacred tool out of raw hide, a wooden hoop, a metal ring and some leather binding. You can stain and paint the inside of the hoop with a creative design of your choice, choose your leather binding around the ring, and then begin the lacing process which will take much of the rest of the day. You will also make a beater.

Once you have competed your drum we will wrap up the day with a closing blessing ceremony.

We will provide you with guidance on how to care for your drum – initially in the first few days after the workshop and then ongoing care. By following certain guidelines your drum will continue to work with you for many years to come.

We have learned from musician Carolyn Hillyer who has been making and using drums in her work for fifteen years, and Ros Simons who is supporting us in our ongoing skill development in this craft. We will work with you to help ensure that your drum has a good tension so that it will play both indoors and outdoors for longer in damp or humid weather.


“A big thank you to Jason and Nicola for creating this wonderful drum birthing workshop. The whole process was deeply, soulfully and thoughtfully held with great care and attention to detail. Knowing the story of where the hand crafted, sustainable materials came from brought with it a sense of working with the Earth and all our relations that added such a lot to the whole experience. I can’t recommend this workshop highly enough and feel it is very good value for money. It has given me a treasured memory that is brought alive every time I play my drum.”

Liz, drum birthing day participant Nov 2015


Tensioning the drum

Tensioning the drum – one of the key parts of the drum making process we will guide you through


Choosing which drum to make

You can choose to make your drum out of Red Deer, Horse or Reindeer hide. You can also choose the size – either a 14 inch or a 16 inch diameter, and we have prepared some guidance to help you decide on what kind of drum you would like to make.

Click here to access guidance on choosing your drum

We use the tensioning ring method to make our drums. This is a metal ring bound in leather, placed in the centre of the drum and used to bind the lacing to the skin. We use this method because firstly, we think it looks beautiful, but it enables us to get a really strong tension in the skin of the drum. This means that it holds its firmness when out in damp weather for longer – something which we look for in our drums as we use them both indoors and outdoors.

We will help you craft a Bridgets Cross handle which, once it’s dry you can incorporate a crystal into. We have some ethically sourced crystals you can by from us on the day if you are drawn to, or you can go hunting for your own.

During the day you will also make your own beater.

We have a range of colours or leather you can choose which you can bind your ring in and make your beater out of. We also have different colour wood stains for the inside of the hoop and acrylic paints if you would like to paint a design inside the hoop too.

We take time to source our raw materials responsibly. Where possible, we use local suppliers here in the northwest and we ask questions of our suppliers as to the origins of the materials and will pass this information on to you. For more information about our ethical sourcing policy please click here.

Central mandala

Our central mandala. We will be working in sacred space throughout the day


Other useful information

If you are choosing to join us in the barn at Anglezarke, and are travelling from afar and looking for a place to stay, we can recommend The Bay Horse pub which is next to the barn. Please click here for directions, and also for accommodation details.

Drum birthing barn

Our main drum birthing venue, an old stable barn behind our local pub, near Chorley


The fee for this workshop, which includes lunch, starts at £190 and increases in price depending on the size of drum you choose to make and from which hide.
14″ Red Deer – £190
14″ Horse – £210
14″ Reindeer – £210
16″ Red Deer – £200
16″ Horse – £225
16″ Reindeer – £225


Booking your place

A £100 deposit is required to secure your place, with the remainder payable six weeks prior to the workshop. The deposit is non refundable. Please visit this page to reserve your place.