Choosing the Right Drum Beater

A good quality beater makes all the difference when it comes to drumming.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a drum beater:

The handle: This needs to be made of a strong wood that will not break, and it needs to be relatively straight.

The firmness of the beater head: Surprisingly a well stuffed beater will make a better sound than a soft beater when it strikes a drumhead.

The beater head material: This should be soft and supple in order to give the best sound.

Here at Anglezarke Hallows we create beaters made from suede, sheep’s wool and hazel:

Suede beaters

Our suede beaters come in a range of rich colours to compliment the rings of our shamanic drums.

The suede material is hand-sewn and packed full of wool from sheep that graze on Anglezarke Moor.

All of our drum beater sticks are made from Lancashire hazelwood. Hazel is a strong timber and has beautiful textures in the bark that we polish with wax that has come from bees that have been rescued.

If you choose to buy a shamanic drum from us, it comes with a free suede beater.

Why Choose our Drum Beaters

We craft our drum beaters with the utmost care. We have used drums for many years and are experienced in knowing what makes a good beater.

We source our materials ethically.
The hazelwood is cut from traditional coppiced woodlands in Lancashire.
The wool we use to stuff our suede beaters comes from local sheep.
The bees wax we use to polish the wooden handle comes from rescued bees.

Our drum beater handles are nice and thick which makes them comfortable to hold for longer periods of time.

Built to last, each beater head is firmly secured to its handle with a strong glue and multiple wraps of a polymer sinew.


We take pride in making our drum beaters beautiful, using striking rich colours that complement the colour of our drum rings.

100% Money back guarantee

Our Drum Beaters come with a 7-day money back guarantee, so that once you are holding the beater in your hands, if you feel you have made the wrong decision then you can return it to us.

This is because buying online has its challenges. You can’t feel or touch our products. This will give you the chance to do this and return them if you decide that the fan is not for you.

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