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Sacred Shamanic Journey Drums

Check out the range of special edition and regular drums.

All of our drums are crafted with much care and attention.

Every stage of the creation process is intentionally selected to ensure a drum of significant energetic clarity. Even the wax we use to polish the English ash hoop is from Lancashire rescued bees!

Feather Smudge Fans

We have an ever changing range of smudge fans

Each smudge fan is carefully crafted from ethically sourced materials to bring you a clean and clear way to smudge your sacred space or yourself using smoke or incense.

Celtic Ogham Sets

Choose from two different Ogham Sets

Authentically created from the live wood of all 20 trees of the Celtic Ogham alphabet these staves are invaluable for seeking tree spirit guidance on any aspect of your life.

Choose between the limited edition set or the regular staves.

Sacred Art

A tightly curated selection of imagery.

Caught by Jason and shared over the years with close friends and colleagues, these Spirit of Nature images and Sacred Mandalas will transform your home, work or therapy environment.