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About | Anglezarke Drums and other Sacred Tools

Our Approach

We bring our own experience of using sacred tools into the creation of them.

For us, the drum is one of the most important of our tools.
We use it to journey to the other realms for guidance, for healing and to bring our clan together when we are holding gatherings. A lot of our work is outside so we use the tension ring style of drum.

From our experience this drum holds it's tone longer in damp conditions, and we think it looks most beautiful too. We have learned our technique from musician Carolyn Hillyer who has been making and using drums in her work for fifteen years, and Ros Simons who is supporting us in our ongoing skill development in this craft.

We also love to create other sacred tools out of natural materials, including Tree Ogham sets, smudge fans, wands, runes, amulets and staffs.

Wherever possible we source our materials from the UK, and as local to our home in Anglezarke as we can. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to read more about our ethical approach.

We create each of our drums in sacred space. Once completed, each drum is birthed through ceremony, over a special incense mix made for us specifically designed to awaken a newly created drum. We then smudge each drum before it leaves our home on its onward journey.

Our Shamanic Work

We are both shamanic practitioners and together run The Way of The Buzzard here in the northwest of England.

The Way of the Buzzard is set up to bring together a growing community of people who are interested in learning about British Shamanism and earth based spirituality and incorporating it into their lives.

We run regular shamanic drumming circles around the northwest, as well as day workshops, weekend retreats, both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, and a shamanic festival retreat, Space to Emerge.

As well as our group events we work with people on a one-to-one basis through shamanic healing sessions, including the traditional soul healing work of soul retrieval, soul exchange, extraction, psyco-pomping, depossession and curse unravelling, as well as past life work and ancestral healing.

Our Ethical Approach

We take care to source our materials as ethically as we possibly can. It’s something which is important to us in everything that we buy, but especially when creating sacred tools. On this page we set out how we source each of the materials that we use. If you have any specific questions please do ask.


The deer hides are sourced from deer in the UK which are culled as part of the herd management process. The reindeer are sourced from the Sami tribe herders. The horse hide is from horses which have lived in the UK and have come to the end of their life.


The majority of our crystals are sourced from a local supplier who travels to the quarries herself to check the working conditions, and ensure that no child labour is used. The other crystals are sourced from a couple of other suppliers to whom the ethics is as equally important to them as it is to us, and we are assured again that no child labour is used.

Wooden hoops

Over this past year we have worked to ensure that our wooden hoops are made from timber sourced from sustainably managed woodlands. Our local carpenter here in Lancashire now makes all of our standard hoops from English Ash. For our Special Collection drums we sometimes source alternative timber such as Yew or Oak, and these are sourced from English or European forests.


With our other sacred tools, we only use feathers from birds which have died naturally, either by being killed by predators, or from collision with vehicles. We never use feathers from birds which have been shot.

Local wood

When we use wood sourced locally in our sacred tool making, such as runes, oghams and drum beater handles, we connect with the tree and ask its permission before we cut.


Our ​rabbit fur is from wild rabbits in England.

Local sourcing

We source our materials as locally as we possibly can, and are working with local people to develop the supply chain on an on-going basis.

We have found a supplier for some of our Red Deer hides in the Lake District, and our metal rings are made by a local blacksmith.

We use as many materials as we can from Anglezarke itself. Many of the feathers are from the local moorlands and woodlands, the wood used for our drum beaters and other sacred tools are from trees close to our home, and we have a farmer who provides us with our sheep wool beater stuffing.

How to contact us

Please contact us via email at contact@thewayofthebuzzard.co.uk