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Anglezarke Drums and other Sacred Tools | carefully crafted shamanic goods

Carefully Crafted Sacred Tools

to help you on your spiritual path

Welcome to our shop which is dedicated to the crafting of shamanic sacred tools in the UK.

We, Jason and Nicola, have launched this The Way of The Buzzard online shop to help serve the sacred tool needs of our community. Drums, Smudge Wings, Ogham Staves and Sacred Art.

Our Shamanic Drums

Imagine if you had some guidance to help you make decisions around what size drum to choose, and which type of hide.

That the origin of all the materials was explained so that you knew the energy that went into the drum was of the highest intention.

That once you received your drum you had a period of time to trial it, and that if it wasn’t quite perfect for you could return it and receive a full refund.

My deciding factor was intuitive. It was the right drum at the right time - and still is!

I also love, love, love how much care and attention my drum seemed to have gotten at its original home. That made all the difference.

It felt personal and cosy to have a drum from you.

Melissa Tully

Drum Buyer

Our Ogham Staves

So many people are drawn to the healing power of trees.

We notice the immediate shift in our energy when we walk through a woodland, or sit under a tree and look out across the park.

Something happens inside us when we are close to them, it’s as if they speak to our soul in some secret, knowing way.

Our ancestors knew this too. They created the language of trees, the language of ogham.

Seller was quick to ship, and they arrived to me just a fast as if they were shipped within the states!

This products is incredible, the craftsmanship obviously done with loving care. The book is well written and the bag??? Oh my, it is perfect.


Ogham Set Buyer

Our Smudge Fans

What would it be like to have a fan which you have a personal connection with, to make the smudging ritual even more intentional for you?

We create smudge fans out of feathers and wings from British birds with the utmost care.

The feathers and wings we use are sourced from birds that we find on the side of roads or during our walks.

We take the birds home to work with, and then afterwards we place them out in the fields so that they can become food for other animals.

Another stunning purchase from Nicola. The love and care that has gone into making this smudge fan is tangible and it's wonderfully reassuring to know the birds and animals are truly honoured in the making of such crafts. Thank you!

Karen Ainsworth

Smudge Fan Buyer

Our Sacred Art

Art and Creativity contain the many secrets of our Earth

Using Jason's creative, connected photography we are pleased to offer a selection of images which will help craft the right energetic feeling in  your home and bring the spirit of nature into your door.

"I am fortunate to have quite a few of Jason's beautiful images on my walls. They help me to feel the constant connection to nature and to some of my favourite sacred places."

Niccola Smith

Reiki Master

About Us...

We, Jason and Nicola Smalley, live in a cottage on the edge of the West Pennine Moors, overlooking a beautiful landscape known as Anglezarke, close to Chorley in Lancashire.

Jason’s ancestry here can be traced back to before the industrial revolution, which means, because people didn’t move about so much before that time, it goes back right to the first settlers no doubt.

The moorland is rich with ancient sacred sites including the largest burial mound/ faery mound in the north, a mysteriously marked standing stone, and a stone circle. There is a wealth of woodlands and meadows which are grazed by roe deer, while buzzard and raven circle overhead.

The name Anglezarke is of Norse origin, and means Heathen Temple, and this magical place still holds it’s ancient sacred presence.

We draw our inspiration for our work from this special place, working as shamanic practitioners running drumming circles, workshops, retreats, ceremonies and 121 healing sessions through our shamanic offering The Way of the Buzzard.

You can find out more about us here or by browsing the Way of the Buzzard about page.